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Micro-link Extensions- A.K.A: I-tips, Beaded, Cylinder, Micro-bead, Micro-Ring 

All of Milvali Micro-Link hair extensions are re-usable, made with 100% Indian Remy hair with cuticles intact and natural textures. The individual extensions are formed with a finely engineered reusable tip that will not crack or shed which sets us apart from the competition. The tip can be quickly shaped over and overfor reinsertion and the hair can last up to a year with proper maintenance. Re-Usable, No Heat, No Glue, No Tight Braids, No Solvents, No Damage!

Bonded Extensions- A.K.A: Keratin Bonds, Polymer, Poly Extensions, Hot Fusion, Glue-In

Tape-In Extensions

All of Milvali Tape-In hair extensions are made with 100% Indian Remy hair with cuticles intact and natural textures formed into a flat weft with a reusable tab that will not shed or peel. The tabs can be re-used over and over for reapplication and the hair can last up to a year with proper maintenance.

Curly Hair Extensions

C U R L Y .

Milvali curly hair extensions are never permed or chemically curled. Our naturally curly Remy hair can range from a tight wave to loose curl and  will never wash out as it is 100% natural texture. Our aim is to apply the least amount of chemical applications so we can offer human hair with natural body and luster. Available in Micro-link and Tape-In.

Long Hair Extensions

L A Y E R E D .

Our Layered hair is single drawn Remy hair that contains different lengths creating a natural layered look. Great for adding volume to long hair and length to fine hair. Available in Micro-link.

Premium Hair Extensions

P R E M I U M .

Our premium grade hair is 100% Remy cuticle Indian human hair that is hand selected from raw ponytails. The hair is 70% double drawn where 70% of the short hairs are removed giving the ends a fuller look than layered extensions. Available in Micro-link,  and Tape-In.

Ombre Hair Extensions

O M B R E  and  B L E N D S .

The 2-color Blend collection combines equal amounts of 2 colors within a single extension strand creating soft streaks of blended colors.

The Ombre Blend Collection begins with a dark root for approximately 2-4 inches and then fades to the lighter body color.

Available in Natural, Layered, Premium and Custom- in Micro-Link and Tape-In.




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