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All Blog entries are written by Deb Monti, extensionsist extraordinaire with over 15 years of hands-on experience in hair extensions. 

 For more information on Deb check out the "About Deb Monti" page.

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Who are you calling High-Maintenance?

May 2018

I hear it all of the time- "Aren't extensions so high maintenance?"

Extensions are low-maintenance, I swear! When you wear extensions, your hair always looks good so you spend less time styling. You have places to go, and people to see. You don't have time for extra styling to make your hair look decent- you need it to look amazing with little to no effort.

You'll have more hair, yes. So really the only thing that takes longer is your blow-dry time. But who wouldn't trade 5-10 minutes more for easier styling overall? 

Wearing extensions allows you to:

Have fuller hair which cuts down styling time.

Have layers on fine hair where your ends still look full.

Have your curls hold for days!

Don't even style your hair- Have beautiful air-dried hair at the beach or pool.

Have an awesome ponytail.

You don't have to use a bunch of product to get your hair to look amazing.

You can honestly start saying "I woke up like this" and feel good about it!

Micro-Rings, Nano-Rings, Micro-Tubes, Cold Fusion, Beaded Extensions, Micro-Bead and I-Tips.

How To Care For Your Extensions

May 2018

Caring for your extensions is about the same as you would care for your own hair. We all should be "babying" our hair a little more and showing it some love.  After all we rake through it with a brush, blast it with heat when we blow-dry, sometimes even put more heat on it with a curling wand or flat iron, we pull it up, tease it, expose it to the elements....etc. All right- you get the picture, so my 2 main tips for caring for your hair are HEAT PROTECTION and LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER.

If you go to the beach, you wear sunscreen so your skin wont burn, right? So if you are putting high heat on your hair you should be using a heat protector so your hair doesn't burn. Daily heat damages more than you think, and when you see the damage, it's too late. Prevention is key!

We moisturize our skin daily with a face cream and body lotion, so what about our hair? Don't forget to give your locks some love too. A lightweight leave-in moisturizer is a must to keep your hair nourished. Most leave-in conditioners have a heat protector in them so you can get away with only having to use 1 product. (I love Kerastase Nectar Thermique) Protect your investment, and remember the old saying..."your hair is the crown you never take off".

As far as caring for your extensions goes, we stylists at Milvali keep it simple:

Brush your hair at least twice a day with an extension brush while holding on to your hair at the roots to avoid tension/pulling.

Don't sleep with wet extensions. (you will wake up with some tangles)

Don't keep your extensions in longer than 12 weeks (micro-link) and 6 weeks (tape-in)

Shampoo your hair like normal- Don't be afraid to scrub your scalp.

Use a heat protector every time you put heat on your hair.

Use a leave-in conditioner.

Call your extensionist if you have any questions or if something doesn't feel right.

For more information, you may contact us directly at 415-409-1500 with questions or for a consultation with a professional extensionist.

Micro-Rings, Nano-Rings, Micro-Tubes, Cold Fusion, Beaded Extensions, Micro-Bead and I-Tips.

Ethically Sourced

May 2018

We source our hair exclusively and directly from India. 

Did you know that some hair extension companies market their hair as Remy,  but in reality it is not? Remy simply means that hair has the cuticle intact and strands are in the same direction. Many dishonest vendors in will gather hair from the floors of salons and temples. Since the hair strands are all mixed up, its impossible to bundle them with the cuticle facing the same direction so they are placed in an acid bath to remove the cuticle. The hair is then coated with silicone and marketed as Remy hair.

 The cuticle helps keep hair healthy and shiny, so once the silicone is shampooed out after time, you end up with lifeless and tangled hair . 

Milvali  hair is guaranteed to come from a single donor. Our donors make a religious voyage directly to their Temple to willingly offer their hair as an act of religious devotion or humility.  At temples all over India,  hair is gathered and becomes the most beautiful hair in extensions to give confidence to women all over the world. The proceeds paid to the temples are reinvested into the community… Helping to fund schools, offer nutritional services and even to open medical clinics. This is how Milvali hair is sourced ethically.  A gift of devotion… and of thanks.

(Keep in mind:  When hair is sourced from India, you know  hair was willingly donated. There is no religious sacrifice of hair in Russia, Malaysia, Italy or Brazil.) 

Micro-Rings, Nano-Rings, Micro-Tubes, Cold Fusion, Beaded Extensions, Micro-Bead and I-Tips.

The Truth and Lies of Micro-link Extensions

May 2018

Most people are unsure what exactly Micro-link extensions are and when you research them you get so much misleading information- some of it is downright scary. I have been doing hair extensions for the past 10+ years and can tell you that 80% of my clients prefer micro-links over any other method. Let's breakdown the Truths and Myths of Micro-link Extensions.

First off, they go by many names: Micro-Rings, Nano-Rings, Micro-Tubes, Cold Fusion, Beaded Extensions, Micro-Bead and I-Tips, Strand-by-Strand-but they are all the same method.

Myth: Micro-links are damaging.

The first thing clients ask me during a consultation is "Don't those extensions ruin your hair?" And I tell them "Yes, they can." (Hey, I'm giving you the truth here.) Then I say "so can bleach, and so can heat."  Any treatment can ruin your hair if it's not done right. It's all about proper application- equal weight distribution and precise sectioning without tension.  And let's not forget, extensions are applied at the roots where hair is the healthiest.

Some information will tell you that the copper links will break your hair off, and that there are little ridges inside them that will clamp your hair and snap it off.  You'll also hear that  it's not for people with fine hair.

TruthIf not properly installed, ANY  type of extensions can damage your hair. Improper sectioning, uneven weight distribution and applying extensions too tight (tension) will surely cause some breakage no matter what the method is.

The links are made of copper. Your hair and the extension fit snug inside the link and it is pressed flat. Many companies will lead you to believe that you need to have silicone inside the link-  there is no need for ridges or silicone inside the link when the proper amount of hair is used and the correct link size. Milvali's custom links come in 3 sizes for a perfect fit, and do not have ridges or silicone inside them.

Myth: People with fine hair can wear any kind of extensions.

 Fine hair can't hold that much weight, so wearing the right size and method of extensions is imperative to hair health.  

Truth: People with fine hair absolutely can wear micro-links over Tape-In's or Glue-In (Keratin Bonds). The weight distribution in a micro-link is balanced, unlike Tape-Ins where the section of your hair that  holds the tape extension is lighter in weight than the 2 tapes that are attached to it.

 Keratin bonds tend to have the same problem, the weight distribution is sometimes not equal, and the glue can be bulky and show on someone with finer hair. 

 The amount of hair put in the micro-link should be same amount as the extension itself, and there should never a be a small amount of your hair holding onto a large, heavy extension. I've created micro-links that are small and large, and extensions that fit both sizes in order to cater to all hair types.


MythYou can leave your extensions in for 6 months.

I hear from my clients with keratin bonds (that are ready to make the switch to micro-links) that their extensionist told them to wear them for 6 months. 

Truth: Nobody with fine hair, or any hair texture for that matter, should keep extensions in for that long- no matter what the method is. We recommend returning to remove and reuse your extensions  every six weeks for Tape-Ins, and at twelve weeks for Microlinks.

For more information, you may contact us directly at 415-409-1500  with questions or for  a consultation with a professional extensionist.  

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